Hobbies and Interests

Restoring and driving old cars

At present I have four cars in varying states of restoration:

 1987 Audi UR Quattro

 I bought this car eleven years ago, just before Quattro's came to prominence in the BBC Series 'Ashes to Ashes'.  Although this TV series did nothing to diminish my enthusiasm for them.

A 1987 Audi UR Quattro, 2.2 Litre Turbo in Nile Green, believed to be one of only two of this colour in the country.

 In 2010 the subframe was removed, straightened and powder coated.  We replaced the suspension springs, bushes and shock absorbers.  The Differentials have been completely overhauled with new seals and the undersides have been repainted and undersealed.

The leather interior has all been overhauled, with new seats and door cards.  I have also installed a new stereo system with Bluetooth and iPod interfaces.

I purchased a 1988 Audi Coupe to use as a donor vehicle for the Quattro in 2010.  In 2012 the Quattro had a bare metal bodywork restoration completed with many of the bodywork components from the coupe being used. 

 In 2013 I bought a donor Audi S2 and the engine, manifold and ECU were installed in my car following the removal of the original 10 valve engine.  The Quattro now has approximately 300 BHP and 0-60 in around 5 seconds.

 Although it has been expensive, I have always wanted a Quattro and my car is now exactly as I envisaged when I first saw them in the early 1980's.


1989 Porsche 944 Lux

I bought my Porsche in 2012.  It is used as my summer car.  I have decided to keep the modifications to a minimum on this car.  I have the later model "Design 90" wheels and a modern stereo in the car with iPod / Bluetooth connectivity.  It also has a glass ‘Saratoga’ sunroof which is quite a rare upgrade.


 I do not think I will ever stop changing or buying cars, space and money are the only constraints.


Collecting 1:18 scale model cars

My theory on purchasing the model cars is that if I can't have all the cars I would like to own in 1:1 scale I may as well have them in 1:18.